Advocacy Programs

Don't Ignore the RED:

An awareness campaign about seeing blood (hematuria) in your urine.

Bobby The Bladder: Love Your Bladder

Bladder health is vital and our own Bobby The Bladder raises awareness around the signs, symptoms and risk factors of Bladder Cancer.

Young Adults




Young Adult Cancer Patients are the invisible cancer population, and yes young adults can be diagnosed with Bladder Cancer.  On average it takes 75 days for a young adult to receive a diagnosis.  There is no standard of treatment or care plan to support the "healthy" young American diagnosed with cancer.  Age is rarely considered when determining a patient-centered treatment or survivorship plan.


With our Young Adults With Bladder Cancer program our mission is to change the stigma of Bladder Cancer, educate younger adults about early detection, and how to be an advocate for care and policy change.

Team Crush It

Crushing Cancer Together

Launching soon Team Crush It - is a team of cancer patients who are currently battling cancer, battling cancer with a loved one, in remission and advocating for those who are now on a cancer journey, or keeping the memory of a lost one to cancer alive.


Team Crush It will be an alliance of cancer patients and organizations to transform cancer care and the delivery system to better serve the needs of bladder cancer patients along with other individuals facing other cancers.



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