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One Of A Kind Gift, The Bladder Cancer Awareness Snail!

A few weeks ago I attended a birthday celebration with family and friends. I made it another year to celebrate another birthday. When I was first diagnosed with Stage IV bladder cancer, I had no idea if I was going to see my 40th birthday. So birthdays have become even more special to me.

One thing I received from a best friend of mine is a hand molded snail painted in the bladder cancer colors blue, yellow and purple. This gift was such a special gift because first, my family refers to our family as the "Snail Family." My nephew started the "Snail Family," nick name and it just stuck with our family. We all have a snail window sticker on our car to represent the "Snail Family" and anything snail related is a must have!

The other thing that made this gift so special is this snail was handmade and painted by a best friend of mine who I refer to as one of my "sisters." Her name is Jessica, and she is also the owner of Molding Mad Studio. Jessica has been one of my biggest supporters and cheerleaders through my journey. I wanted to give her a shout of because she is an amazing artist and sculptor.

Molding Mad Studio can make your one of a kind sculpture or even a replica of the Bladder Cancer Snail. Anyone of Molding Mad Studios sculptures is sure to brighten up anyone's day, birthday or celebration.

Visit Molding Mad Studios on Etsy or contact Jessica by email



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