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Young Faces Of Bladder Cancer Campaign

If you have been following CrushItForCurtis social media sites on Instagram, Twitter and FaceBook you have probably seen posts about #YoungFacesOfBladderCancer. I have been building up the hype around this bladder cancer campaign in hopes of drawing more awareness around the fact young adults who are outside the normal onset age of 65 -85 are out there, and bladder cancer does not discriminate.

There are even bladder cancer patients outside the typical onset age who have what is called a neobladder. You are probably asking yourself, what's a neobladder, right? There are times when the bladder has to surgical be removed (cystectomy) due to bladder cancer, and a new bladder is constructed using a piece of intestine to create a neobladder.

I also want to encourage bladder cancer patients between the typical onset age of 65-85 to use the hashtag #FacesOfBladderCancer. Using these two hashtags, we can build a social media community together and bring more awareness to bladder cancer and draw more attention to this horrible disease.

I hope to attract even more attention to bladder cancer which is the fourth most common cancer and barely gets the attention it needs. The goal is to raise even more awareness with politicians, corporations, non-profits, and individuals who have the power to impact change, realize bladder cancer needs more attention to help with early detection, treatment, research and looking forward to the future.

I feel like I am on to something with this social media campaign. I may be ahead of my time trying to pull something like this off, but I can't sit back and do nothing. I have to continue being a patient advocate for this disease that causes over 16, 870 deaths a year. I ask you to please join me in this campaign.

If you have any questions, or have ideas how we can push this campaign even further along, please feel free to contact me at crushitforcurtis@gmail.com

Thanks in advance,


#CancerTreatment #BladderCancer

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