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As a global bladder cancer non-profit organization we want to know how we can help you as a patient thoroughly understand bladder cancer treatments, genetic mutations, familial, and other important bladder cancer issues or topics that may be relevant to you. 


According to the global cancer observatory in 2018, there were 549,393 new bladder cancer cases.  Ranking bladder cancer the 11 diagnosed cancer worldwide.  We aim to take the information you provide us and share with leading Urologists, Medical oncologists, and Scientists and turn what you share into actionable items that will improve bladder cancer patient outcomes globally. 

Information provided by World Health Organization

According to the World Health Organization, the estimated number of bladder cancer cases in 2040 is projected to reach almost one million cases.  Take a few minutes and send us a message about how we can help you as a bladder cancer patient make your voice heard and how we can reduce the number of newly reported bladder cancer cases. 


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Click image below to see estimated number of new cases in 2018, bladder cancer , both sexes, all ages

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