Who Is A Good Candidate For Immunotherapy

You can ask your doctor if Immunotherapy would be helpful for you. Doctors will consider these factors:

"Immunotherapies for cancer make changes to our immune system to help activate it."


Size and number of tumors.


How aggressive the type of tumor is


The grade of the tumor(s) (high grade is more aggressive


If tumors have recurred.


Overall health of the patient.


If the immunotherapy available can match your needs.

Other Considerations

  • BCG is mainly used to treat patients with non-muscle invasive bladder cancer

  • Checkpoint inhibitors are offered to late-stage or metastatic patients.

  • Immunotherapy is an option for advanced bladder cancer patients who can't have a major operation.

  • Patients who can't have chemotherapy ( because of health problems) may benefit from immunotherapy

  • People who have advanced bladder cancer that returns or grows again after chemotherapy may opt for immunotherapy

  • People with autoimmune diseases may not be good candidates for checkpoint inhibitors

  • Some clinical trials are giving immunotherapy to patients early in the process



This information is not a tool for self-diagnosis or a substitute for professional medical advice. Please talk to your doctor or medical oncologist about your health concerns.  Always consult a healthcare provider before you start or stop any treatments.



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