NOUN: the act or process of supporting a cause

VERB: to speak or write in favor: recommend publicly

Where To Start

NOUN: the act or process of supporting a cause

VERB: to speak or write in favor: recommend publicly

How To Shape Public Policy.

1. Identify the problems

2. Map out possible solutions

3. Develop policy proposals

4. Implement the policy change

5. Evaluate progress, and identify new barriers

Identify The Problem


  • Prevention

  • Early Detection

  • Provider Education

  • Access to Care


  • Guidelines

  • Coverage

  • Research

  • Clinical Trials


  • Education & Career

  • Follow- Up

  • End-of-Life

  • Psychosocial



  • Financial Toxicity

  • Family Building

  • Disease Risk

  • Overall Health

Visit Capitol Hill

Schedule time to meet with Legislative and Congress Staff 

Map out a solution.

  • Best practices can be found in patient stories.

  • Publications by providers and researchers identify and address gaps in care.

  • Industry leaders inform our understanding of access barriers.

  • Advocacy organizations find the common thread that unites communities.

  • Journalists support education campaigns and reach a more broad and diverse audience.

  • Policymakers have the authority to create real, lasting change.

Where does your story fit


Expertise combined with a knowledge of all the facts builds your credibility as an advocate. It

starts with your story. Credibility can come from:

  • A patient who has a personal experience navigating a cancer care system.

  • A clinician who sees the gaps in care between pediatric, young adult, and adult oncology.

  • A caregiver who can see that services do not meet their loved one's needs.


Connect your personal story or experience with research to support your position. Arm yourself

with facts from sources that are grounded in evidence and broadly accepted. This could be a

mainstream news source, a scientific publication, or research from a well-known association or

professional society.


ASCO ACT Network allows you to communicate with your elected officials regarding proposed policies that may impact the ability to provide the highest level of quality care to you and cancer patients.



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